The pond at Wild Flower Farm is home to many wild and domestic creatures.

Some just visit but most are permanent residents.

Though manmade, our pond is popular to many wild animals. Thousands of huge catfish patrol the depths of the dark water while water snakes and cottonmouths skim the surface. Thousands of tadpoles grow into frogs and sustain the ecosystem each spring and summer.

Our pets also spend sometimes hours a day at or in the water. Highland coos, llamas, alpacas and Alaskan Malamute frequently wade up to their shoulders during hot summer weather. Equines also visit for a drink. Our swan usually doesn't mind the company but will occasionally snap if someone encroaches too closely.


We've had many swans reside at our pond over the years, both trumpeters and royal mutes. You can guess which are quieter.


Migrating birds love to visit our pond. It offers a peaceful resting spot with plenty of local entertainment and plentiful food.