Shetland sheep are native to the Scottish Shetland Isles.

Wild Flower Farm sells Shetland wool and garb in many styles and colors.

Shetlands are small but majestic in stature. As such, they are not a meat

sheep, they are bred solely for their luxurious wool. Tourists get to enjoy feeding and petting these adorable little critters.


All of our sheep are sheared by hand with scissors. The fleece is then hand washed and spread out to dry. Peggy then spins the wool on a wooden spinning wheel.


Light grey



Emsket (dusky bluish-grey)

Musket (light greyish-brown)

Shaela (dark steely-grey)



Moorit (reddish brown)

Mioget (honey, yellowish-brown)

Dark brown


Katmoget ("badgerface": dark belly and dark shading around nose and eyes, lighter elsewhere)

Gulmoget ("mouflon", the reverse of katmoget: light belly, dark face with light marks around eyes, dark elsewhere)

Yuglet (generally light with dark "panda" patches around the eyes)

Bleset (dark with white blaze down face)

Smirslet (white marking around the muzzle)

Sokket (with white socks on the legs)

Bersugget (irregular patches of different colours)

Bielset (with a collar of a differing colour)