All of our alpacas and llamas are rescue animals that either needed a new home or were physically injured to the point that they were going to be put down.

Llamas and alpacas make great companions to our Shetland sheep. These South American camelid are excellent guard animals against the larger predators we have here outside of St Louis, MO like wild dogs, coyotes, coy dogs, and mountain lions. While they can't defend against every predatory animals, they will usually give chase and attack by diving at them with the sharp knees pointed at the invaders.

These animals also give warnings when they sense danger by alarming with a high pitch horse-like scream. And, like camels, they will spit when agitated. Ours live such stress free lives that we might have just one spit once in a decade.

None of our alpacas or llamas are particularly friendly around people unless you have some feed. Our male alpaca, Gabe, is the most curious and will sometimes come up to see if you have a treat and if he likes you he may sniff your face. gabe's favorite human interaction is to have you spray his legs from the water hose as he splashes in a bucket.