McCallie Highland Coos sells truly 100% naturally organic, grass fed and finished beef

Scottish Highland beef is amongst the healthiest and most delicious beef anywhere!

Scottish beef is globally considered the highest quality of premium beef. It is extremely low in fat and cholesterol. It is said to be the only type of beef the royally discerning Queen of England would eat and she even owned her own fold of Highland coos!

Buy our amazing beef and you will become a repeat customer! This is not only some of the healthiest beef on the planet, it is some of the most delicious. One of the reasons this meat is do good and good for you is that Highland coos are made of muscle, not fat. When processed, most cattle require about four inches of fat removal. This breed is so well marbled that there is no fat to be removed!

Because this meat is so low fat it makes very little grease. You will want to cook it at a lower temperature than most beef so it won't overcook. Contact us for more tips about preparing the many types of different cuts we sell.

McCallie Highland Coos are grass fed and grass finished. They are never grained for truly natural beef, unlike the deceptive labels found in stores. This is true farm to table.

To place an order, email or call to find out what we currently have in stock.

We sell beef as individual cuts or by the half and whole and we can deliver.

Pricing for a half or whole cannot be known until the meat has been weighed after processing. We can only estimate based on the size and age of each individual. Your order will be reserved after you pay a deposit.

"We did cook a roast in the crock pot, so far.  So tender and very good.  We must not eat much, but the 3.25 lbs lasted us 3 meals.  Roast one night, roast beef sandwiches the second, and put the rest in chili for the third night.  Very good beef and excellent service.  We want to visit the farm before the summer heat hits."