McCallie Highland Coos sells truly 100% naturally organic, grass fed and finished beef

Scottish highland beef is amongst the healthiest and most delicious beef anywhere!

The Heartland Highland Cattle Association

Lee Wolfgang Recognition Award 2017

Presented to

Don & Peggy McCallie

Scottish beef is globally considered the highest quality of premium beef. It is extremely low in fat and cholesterol.

McCallie Highland Coos are grass fed and

grass finished. They are never grained.

Highland coos are the oldest registered breed of cattle. Their ancestry dates back thousands of years. Coos are a quintessential part of Scottish history being a significant source of food.

Their colors include black, brindle, dun, red, yellow, white, and silver. They have split hooves with two toes on each foot to help navigate rough terrain. Males and females have horns that span up to 6'.